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10 Winter Jewelry Trends You’ll

Winter has arrived, and thigh high boots aren’t the only thing we’re psyched about! This year’s winter jewelry trends include a variety of breathtaking styles that we can’t wait to wear. Glitzy hoops make the season sparkle, while bold bracelets are all the rage for the holidays. Whether you want to try layered rings or mix and match your metals, this winter is the perfect time to experiment with your look. fake cartier jewelry Discover winter jewelry you’ll love when you explore the top 10 trends below! 1. Create a cool look with mix and match! Make spirits bright when you wear fabulous metal rings and bracelets. 2. Stand out from the crowd in a decadent. This accessory looks wonderful when paired with a simple clutch! 3. And speaking of making a statement, why not do your bracelets big too? Wear this ornate silver sterling and swirl design to your next party. 4. Your Christmas tree won’t be the only one wearing green this year! A splendid adds rich, eye-catching color to your ensemble. 5. Look positively radiant in.  Adding a mixture of delicate and ornate pieces of yellow gold jewelry is a perfect way to shine during wintertime! 6. Walk through a winter wonderland wearing a pair of shimmering silver Sparkly hoop earrings are a must-have for winter 2017. 7. Achieve an eye-catching look with icy-toned. Turquoise jewelry is perfect for a night out on the town or just a casual afternoon lounging by the fire. 8. Accessorize with pearls for a pretty look this season. are a jewelry box staple, and they match perfectly with all of your favorite winter outfits! 9. Add some van cleef arpels replica jewelry feminine flair to your wintertime style with a. A rose gold band beautifully accentuates this glimmering pink gemstone. 10. Winter wouldn’t be complete without a dazzling! You’ll want to put this exquisite number on your holiday wish list ASAP. We hope you enjoyed exploring these winter jewelry trends, and enjoy wintertime style to the fullest! The Dreamer Ring By Rémy Rotenier When a new piece of jewelry is presented on television, looking fantastic, and spinning around showing its beauty from all angles, do you ever wonder how it got there?  How it all started? For my each piece starts as a little pencil sketches on my drawing pad.  I create sketches everywhere.  All the time.  I particularly enjoy sketching on planes or trains.  I refine the drawings and present them to my buyers who select their favorite ideas.  They may add some notes or indicate preferences in color, size or ask for a matching piece to complete the look. In the factory, we then start working with these selected designs to turn them in to samples to present for the buyers’ final review. The was born a bit differently: I wanted to involve my Bella friends in the design process. So instead of coming from one of my sketches, the design was inspired by my customers, just like it usually is when I design a custom piece for one of my private clients. For the first time posted a Facebook poll to help me design the ring:  the first Bella customer design participation event, ever!  The three questions were: 1. White Rhodium, 18k Yellow or Rose Gold? 2. Romantic, Art Deco hermes jewelry replica or Contemporary? 3. Round Rémy Cut™, Cushion Rémy Cut™, or Asscher Cut for the center stone? During a Facebook live event, I found out that the winning combination was:  White Rhodium, Romantic, and Round Rémy Cut™.  I drew the Dreamer Ring live and painted it. We discussed the design with the buyers to see if they felt it had sales potential. With their approval I sent a high resolution digital scan of my color rendering to my factory. 1. A technical drawing was presented to me from the designers at the factory.  See my revisions in red.  Then I produced a final black and white rendering of the ring with the correct proportions. 2. At the factory, the ring was composed using a computer aided design program (CAD) which produces a three-dimensional digital model.  I review those digital 3-D renderings and make additional adjustments and refinements to perfect the curves, adjust the metal thicknesses, etc.  From this computer file, the first silver master model is made in each size.  Rubber molds are taken of each of 18k gold cartier jewelry replica sale the silver models which are then injected with light green wax.  Each ring exists now in wax with a short tail or sprue. 3. The wax casters then melt each wax sprue to a wax rod creating a little tree with each branch ending with a wax ring.  Using the ancient yet modernized technique of lost wax process, the wax tree is set in a plaster-like substance which dries and hardens.  The wax tree is melted out and the gap left by the wax is filled with molten silver.  The plaster is chipped away and each ring is cut off the tree at the sprue.  The sprue is filed off and the metal ring is polished meticulously. 4. All the larger stones are set by hand.  In this picture one of our best stone setters pushes a prong with pliers towards the stone. 5. A final polish gives a lot of life to the ring.  Every part, including the least visible, small, inside spaces need to be polished and finished to meet our requirements. van cleef arpels jewellery UK The polishing demands a careful eye, because too much can remove the details and decorative motifs that are such a hallmark of my style. 6. To ensure a perfect finish, every one of my rings is plated either with white, blue, or black rhodium, 18k yellow gold, or 18k rose gold. You can see the Dreamer Ring, and many other great classic and brand-new designs or during my next visit to  Upcoming show times are:

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