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When I think of Italy I think of the incredible food, sights, fashion, and of course the stunning gold jewelry! After all, Italy is the capital for gold jewelry!  I recently caught up with our fabulous buyers here at who are always up to date on the latest gold trends coming from Italy. Here are a few of my favorites! I am in love with the current Cheap Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet trend of layering! I love any trend that gives me the perfect excuse to wear more jewelry! Layering chains with different links, colors and lengths is the current trend. It’s also fun to throw in a charm necklace or layer several of your favorite charm necklaces. I am wearing a too add in the charm look. This fun, layered look isn’t only being seen for the neckline, this trend is also seen around the wrist. I am wearing This feature makes a unique statement and allows for versatility: wear the chain in the front, or adjust the chain and let the extra chain fall down your wrist. This style allows the chain to be any length you want! My favorite trend is the tassel trend. Tassels add a fun element of movement to your look. These pieces have a soft feminine feel to them, but can also have a designer look as well. I am wearing a and layered the look with a There is no such thing as too much tassel! These pieces are perfect to wear with an every day outfit or to dress up for a more elegant look. Italians are known for their Hermes Collier de Chien Bracelet Replica expert finishing skills. Many Italians jewelry factories are family operated and specialize in only one technique, making them experts. These techniques are passed down from generation to generation. Two of these techniques that look pair perfectly together are the 3D looks and textures. The 3D look adds dimension and contrast to a piece. These styles are inspired by the architectural designs of the region: arches, domes, lavish mosaics and pillars, all made with intricate detail. The ring I am wearing on my pointer finger is a. This gorgeous ring makes for the perfect ring hand ring that displays the intricate detailing in the 3D trend. The textured trend is another one of my favorites. The ring on my ring finger is a that pairs beautifully with the 10k yellow gold love knot. The texturing on both of these pieces definitely give off the wow factor and made me feel like royalty! There are so many stunning pieces it’s hard not to get lost in the luxurious look of gold! With every piece I add to my gold collection, I feel like I’m adding a little piece of Italy, too! Introducing Tycoon For Bella Luce is proud to introduce Fake Hermes Kelly Double Tour Bracelet Tycoon for Bella Luce, the newest addition to our Bella Luce collection. Toros Kejejian, the creative designer for Tycoon Diamonds, brings his exclusive Tycoon cut® to the Bella Luce line. The Tycoon cut® is the only diamond simulant to feature a diamond design on the stone’s table and crown and adds a sense of elegance to every piece. Take a sneak peek at some of  the stunning Tycoon for Bella Luce pieces and decide which ones you’ll be adding to your Bella Luce collection! These gorgeous diamond simulant rings are timeless statement pieces and perfect for any occasion. Top off  Knockoff Kelly Dog Bracelet UK your girls’ night out little black dress with the or add major glitz to a summer evening gown with the! Tycoon For Bella Luce™ Square Cut & Round Platineve™ Rings A pair of are a must for every woman’s jewelry box along with a fabulous perfect for brightening up your right hand! Tycoon For Bella Luce™ Baguette & Round Platineve™ Earrings & Cushion Cut Ring The simplicity of this classic make them the perfect pair.  Both pieces are delicate enough to be your everyday jewelry, yet striking enough to dress up a business suit or sundress. Tycoon For Bella Luce™ Baguette Platineve™ Bracelet & Pendant Just think, this is only a glimpse into the whole collection! Each piece is stunning, yet classic and elegant for all occasions. The Tycoon cut® makes each piece sparkle with brilliance. Shop the entire Tycoon for Bella Luce line to add the newest replica hermes leather bracelet Bella Luce pieces to your collection!

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