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You know how to buy the best, high-quality diamonds? Diamond price is not like gold, platinum-like “public price”, but according to each diamond “4C”, that is, the number of carats, clarity, color , Decided by the driver. How to choose a good quality of the diamond is based on the ability to buy these standards. If you want to do Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Rings diamonds investment, how to buy high-quality diamonds is even more important. To the price of diamonds and xafs supply and demand should have a considerable understanding, so as to ensure the interests of investment. Then the following just like Xiao Bian teach you how to buy the best diamonds it Carat: In general, the greater the value of the diamond carats, the higher its value. In the early 1990s, in the US xafs, 1 carat high quality perfect diamonds, the price of about 15,000 US dollars, while a 5 carat perfect diamonds, worth more than 20 million dollars, an average of about 45,000 US dollars per carat. From the diamond investment point of view, the general purchase of more than 3 karats of diamonds as well. In addition to the number of carats, but also to consider the clarity of the diamond, color and the quality of the lathe, whether it is consistent with its price. Clarity: refers to the contents of the diamond in terms of how much. According to the US GIA standard, both internal and surface flawless diamonds are called flawless. Containers are some hidden in the diamond without crystallization of the fine carbon material, diamond inclusions less valuable the more precious. Color: If the color of diamonds, the color of the diamond to the more white the better, the top for the very excellent white (D COLOR 100 colors) followed by (E COLOR 98 colors), Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Ring etc., probably for the set into high-quality diamonds are Is more than 95 colors of diamonds. Turner: Cheerful diamond, can receive light from the crown of diamonds, reflected to the various valve surface, and finally from the crown refraction, the more reflected light, the more able to show the bright diamonds, so the excellent lathe Is one of the essential conditions for choosing diamonds. Only the above four conditions are consistent and is optimal in order to ensure the quality of the diamond itself. After all, diamonds are not casually can be purchased to the daily necessities. Oriental people like jade, in China, Japan, South Korea, jade is very popular. Jewelry category jade jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and so on. Most of these jewelry is the use of jade color and warm texture of the beautiful. Different grades of jewelry have their own consumer and consumer trends. Low-grade jade can be used as gifts presented each other, the price of tens of dollars to several hundred dollars between. Mid-range jade can be used as a gift, you can also buy a jewelry for their own enjoyment and wear. High-grade jade is rich businessmen will buy. Fine is the riches of the riches. Jade color is very important, is the determinant of the value of the evaluation of the color of good and bad first depends on whether the color is positive, with or without color or other colors, the color is better. Followed by looking at the color of the shades, the color shades appropriate is better, the color is too strong, Cheap Van Cleef Clover Ring looked very heavy, too light color, but also too tender. Again to see the degree of uniformity of color, color uniformity is good. The color distribution is uneven. Jade jewelry with or without cracks, size, shape of the judge easier. No cracks were good, small cracks followed by large cracks more times. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the integrity of the emerald price is high, how much the price of some problems lower. From the perspective of hedging, a good variety of jade is rare, but also the most worth buying. However, it must be stated that the emerald category to A goods the best, is without any artificial transformation of natural jade, this natural jade will not change with time, can be permanently preserved and worn, but also more collection of hedge , The potential for appreciation. Jade jewelry on the green is generally not live, can not wear the longer, the longer the longer the green, but in special circumstances, the green will be slightly expanded. Jade is also called jade, is the name of gem jade, its mineralogical name called sodium pyroxene. In the study of artificial emerald, it was confirmed that pure sodium pyroxene was colorless and green only after adding the chemical reagent of chromium. Therefore, the natural emerald belt without green, to see the formation of jade when there is no “mixed with” chrome, and “mixed with” the more chrome, the more green jade. But for the mine or the river from the jade obtained from the processing of the ring or other jewelry, the number of its internal chromium has been fixed. So the green on the emerald can not be alive. However, Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring in some cases, chrysanthemum can produce chemical reactions, so that a small amount of chromium diffusion effect, which is people think that green “long” reasons. Produce green “long” emerald mainly emerald necklace, jade bracelet and jade plate and other closely contact with the skin of jade. The reason is that the human body has a certain temperature, but also easy to sweat, sweat acid or alkaline ingredients, these ingredients can emerge from the micro-cracks in the emerald, some of which may produce green chromium ions with chemical reactions Or to have been solidified in the jade in the dissolution of chromium ions and migration, so it appears green “long” big. In fact, the amount of green chromium produced in jade without any change, but the proliferation of trace chromium or migration only. Natural moonlight is generally transparent, flashing light only visible at an angle. High-quality moonlight stone should be floating wavy blue light, was translucent. Moonlight stone can have cat’s eye effect or starlight effect, but rarely seen, the star effect is even more rare. Here are some tips for buying Moonlight: First, Moonstone imitation products to glass-based products, glass products, a single color, more rigid, it is easy to distinguish it with the naked eye. In addition, the glass refraction and moonlight birefringence optical phenomenon is also different. Second, the white Replica Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring texture of the more transparent onyx shape and moonlight stone is somewhat similar, but the agate and no green and white luster phenomenon, so easy to confuse, moonlight blue and white phenomenon in the gem in a unique style. Third, the selection of moonlight stone first heavy its bright white luster, the more brilliant blue and obvious the better; moonlight clarity is generally high, the more clear and transparent background can highlight the bright blue shine. Of course, transparent and bright white luster of the moonlight stone price will be higher.

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