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Hot weather wear necklace

Many people love the necklace to wait adorn article. Jewelry made of various materials, such as gold, silver, pearls, and chromium, nickel, lead, tin and all kinds of shells, etc. Some price is low, rough accessories, manufacturing process, some still contains some of the radioactive material, wear, easy to cause damage to the skin. So when the choose and buy must pay attention to the quality. In addition, the Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace labor, shower, sleep, exercising, had better take necklace jewelry, prevent sweat on jewelry. As occurrence skin allergic reactions, in jewelry wearing a place appeared papules, redness, itching, wait for a phenomenon, should be timely termination of wear jewelry, and go to the hospital, don’t take medicines. In addition, don’t long time wearing tight ear clip earrings, as well as the volume is too large heavy earrings, so as not to interfere with the blood circulation of the ear. Many women will choose all kinds of jewelry to dress up yourself. Is love, however, whether or not you know, wear jewelry also want to pay attention to methods, if improper wear, also could cause a variety of “jewelry” disease, causing the pain of the “beautiful”. Pure gold and silver jewelry cause dermatitis in general, or jewelry stable performance and low probability of occurrence skin allergies, but people with allergies contact jewelry, due to some stimulus tend to cause dermatitis. Symptoms for necklaces, rings and other jewelry of local skin itching, burning, erythema, peeling or systemic urticaria. Therefore, when choosing jewelry, you should first understand their skin allergic reactions, to avoid wearing a gold-plated, silver plating, nickel plating, etc, are most likely to cause dermatitis of jewelry. Crystal products: the Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace choose and buy and maintenance The average person will easily when buying crystal crystal glass of the same confusion, so how to distinguish the common glass and crystal? Here are a few tips: 1. Listen to: guitar with middle finger, the voice of the common glass ware is more boring “snapped” sound, and the voice of the crystal vessel brittle, with metal ring is “dangdang” sound, the higher the hardness of crystal, the louder sound. 2. Luster: comparison in the sun, the high quality crystal reflects the seven colourful bright, transition and very rich natural and light, the color of the glass refraction is often incomplete, and the dark. Transparency in the natural light to compare, the high quality crystal high transparency, show the glittering and translucent white, and ordinary glass or not pure crystal will be yellow or blue. Pattern: for the same colour of crystal, the pattern of the higher level of manual delicate, decorative pattern forming on the small area, the more meticulous heavy and complicated, the higher value. With the hand petting, manual pattern has a prick the hand feeling of rough surface, and the mechanism of pattern on the surface is smooth. 4. Use: due to the crystal hardness is much higher than common glass, use for a long time also tend not to become dirty, repeated use for a long time, the glass is very easy to scratch and surface stains. After distinguish clearly, you have to do is check carefully whether the products overall in good condition, look for defects flaw, the surface is smooth and delicate. Crystal maintenance is very simple, as long as timely with clean water after use or with a half wet cloth just erase eluvial soil; For those small crystal ornaments on aggradation, blows without having to wipe decontamination, then only need to prevent the crystal surface fuzz. In addition, due to large crystal hardness, toughness is small, heavy knock easily damaged, so when in use at ordinary times avoid knock against. Should also pay attention to avoid the use of alkaline, acid and alcohol detergent, in order to avoid corrosion, such as ashtrays vessels should also try to reduce the time of the heat, in order to prevent oxidative damage. Differentiate the stones the nature, the authenticity, the traditional way is to “smell, ask, Cheap Van Cleef Clover Necklace look, caresses, grinding, carving” the “six classics”. At the same time, this also is the key to distinguish Shi Pin. “Smell” and “q”, “smell” is knowledge experiences; “Q” asking and learning, which is the basis of analysis of mine. Identify stones, smooth by hearsay or a little knowledge is not enough. Qingtian stone mountain pit, for example, in the “area” and the white lotus stone contains a “tiger” sand (fine sand collection point), and “area” crisp, mass slightly loose, and lotus “lotus root tip white” relatively tight tight and appear more dense, seal engraving, adept at Angle of contact with a knife stone a try. So, want to listen more than to ask, inquiring asked. “See” and “stroke”, is the key to differentiate the stones. “See”, refers to the observation form carvible stone color, decorative pattern, because all kinds of stones consists of different colour and lustre of minerals, under the effect of geological movement is different also, color and pattern is not always the same. Stones have their common characteristics of the same origin, and different regions of stones in general is always more obvious difference. Mastered the stones the commonness and individuality characteristic, the stones in his hand, and the last. “Stroke” refers to the handle, with handle to identify carvible stone hardness, weight, quality of a material, the thickness and oil moisten dry or not. “Grinding” and “time”, is the most reliable inspection method analysis of mine. “Grinding”, refers Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Necklace to the technology of printing process, namely, smooth, polished. Stones in texture and texture containing sand, containing silicate (stones of silicate content slightly tall, presents the state of short fiber stone chips, but look from the appearance of light cannot be found), and only after polishing, cut the time, to learn that. Carvible stone “engraved”, refers to test whether appropriate carving, carving. Of course, the best way to practice the amount of hand caresses came, because this method is more applicable to choose when buying. In fact, to assess the value of one stamp, first is to see the quality of a material, because the old man is multi-purpose good printed stone. Stones a lot of more phyletic, the big words, shou, qingtian, chicken blood is most commonly used, different grade level. (including BianKuan) the second is to look at the art of composition of carving, famous system was popular, also because of their work, the knives are unique, as treasures. Again is to look at the print button sculpture, whether it is vivid and natural. There is main, look at printing master in the history of the society, whether to have fame. Above four person, as long as one, will be affected by the dealer or collect lover’s hands, not to mention the four who are prepared.

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