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Cartier is an internationally renowned jewellery brand, since 1847, Cartier has exquisite technology, high-quality material selection and the ultimate creative world-renowned, it can be no exaggeration to say that the history of is a century of modern jewelry history of change, more than 100 years, Cartier has been created for mankind exquisite incomparable masterpiece. So, which series of Cartier jewels is fake cartier jewelry the most classic? For the world’s top jewellery brand is the most important lifeline, because without love, the glittering jewelry industry has no vitality. And Cartier from the beginning of the birth has been deeply concerned about human emotion, concern about the evolution and development of love, so can design a section meaning meaningful, interpretation of the Treasures of love. Trinity three-color Gold series, Love series and the 2011 special launch of the “wedding series, are related to the” romance “and the birth of the masterpiece, these classic works like” Love “This always affects the heart of the word, after years, but never fade. The following for you to introduce Cartier’s most classic three series diamond ring. Love series ring rose K gold, inlaid with 3 diamonds Love Series rings rose K gold, paved diamonds, pure K-Gold screws The series, which was born in 20 at the end of 60, began with a “screw” bracelet that only the couple cooperated to wear, and was known for its interpretation. Oval design, as if it is a love of “shackles”, representing each other’s single-minded and like the sea affectionate. Once it came out, it immediately became a love symbol of lovers, but also a favorite of many star couples. Subsequently,van cleef arpels replica jewelry the “screw” image is more flexible use of rings, pendants and other accessories, continue to extend the theme of love. Cartier “wedding series covered with round bright cut diamond, a round bright cutting central drill Can be paired with the wave-shaped platinum wedding to the ring, engraved “Cartier” words, inlaid three diamonds Cartier “Wedding series in the name of love, highlighting the magic of unparalleled love, in order to the diamond selection and mosaic technology excellence, become the eternal choice of true love. When the eternal diamond encounters pure and resolute Platinum, in a color, a name, to become unmatched excellent. imitation Cartier three-color gold ring style how much money? Cartier Many ring styles, the most classic has the Cartier love ring, Cartier three-color gold ring, and so on, each ring has its own unique style characteristics, today’s small series for everyone to bring Cartier three gold ring price and style full introduction. As the top jewelry brand in France, “Jewelry Emperor” every series of Cartier, each style of jewelry are subject to attention from all walks of life. In particular, the Cartier ring is favored by star nobility, become a variety of activities, the focus of the party. In the Cartier ring style, love ring, nail ring, three-color gold ring, etc. can be said to be the most classic ring style, their style is obvious, design unique, become the highlight of the extraordinary taste and wonderful collocation of one of the important accessories, today’s small series for everyone to introduce the Cartier three-color gold ring. Cartier Tri-color gold ring Tri-color Gold series ring, three rings, three colors. Three-color K-Gold tightly clasp, convergence in a harmonious and mysterious. Three color gold has three kinds of symbols: 18K rose gold represents love, 18K gold represents loyalty, 18K platinum represents friendship. Three-color Gold series ring is the Design Master Louis for men for the friend design, it is not only a ring so simple, but also the expression and extension of feelings, with exquisite ring ring to the world most memorable feelings. Up to now, the classic ring, which has nearly 90 years of history, spans time, spans history, and still speaks of hermes jewelry replica enduring sincerity, and is one of the best jewelry choices we can express our love and gratitude for, especially to give away friends and loved ones. Three-color gold ring style price In the face of the ring of well-known brands, most of the main concern is the ring style and the price of the ring. Three color gold is generally white, gold and rose gold three kinds of material to build, also has the unique ceramic material ring. Rings are divided into the ring and diamond rings, as well as precious stones, small series from the Cartier official website learned that in many three-color gold ring The cheapest one is the super small Trinity de Cartier ring, the price is 6050 yuan. Inlaid diamond three-color gold ring is more expensive, large size of 332000 yuan. Wear a Bulgari ring replica may express your emotional situation Now married we know all to wear diamond , but this wear method is very exquisite, the general people on how to wear may know a one or two, such as marriage is to wear on the ring finger. But few people know why to wear this finger. What’s the point of wearing other fingers besides the ring finger? These need to be known to young men and women, as it may tell the truth about the owners. As for the diamond  18k gold cartier jewelry replica sale on another finger, there are also various sayings, now we can look at, first of all, from the thumb said that if this finger, this is not ordinary people, in the past, only the royal family can wear this finger, it symbolizes power and status. Nowadays, although there is no royalty, the meaning of the tradition continues. Diamond Bulgari Ring on the index finger, indicating that the main is very personal proposition, only the personality of the person will wear on the index finger, it tells people that the owner of the is very alternative, can not casually provoke oh. And the diamond Bulgari ring on the middle finger, of course, this will look more neutral, but look at the habit seems to be more good-looking, generally speaking, the middle finger wear said there has been the right person, but has not finalized, so, want to cross knife to seize the love of the people to seize the time. Have you ever heard of a diamond Bulgari ring on a little finger? This is called the tail ring, van cleef arpels jewellery UK I do not know if everyone has noticed, but this is the way to wear more people feel cute and delicate. Of course, some say that this is the meaning of being single, so do not want to find the object of friends do not play this game. We have many types of diamond Bulgari ring, leisurely novel generous, perfect bright.

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