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International Spot Gold Pyramid Trading

International Spot Gold Pyramid Trading Act First, what is the pyramid Jiancang law The following are the same as the ” Pyramid buy law is the world’s more popular Jiancang Cartier love bracelet replica operation law, whether it is Europe and the United States investment guru, or general Replica Cartier Love Ring investment funds, are using the “pyramid” buy method operation. The characteristics of the pyramid buying method are to keep the average price of the purchased investment varieties at the lowest price. The following are the same as the ” The idea should pay attention to the question: The following are the same as the ” This is a long-term investment philosophy, for example, from the long term gold long-term trend to the better, if the price of gold fell to the best way to build the pyramid, that is, the lower the price, the greater the number of Jiancang. When the gold back to the normal track, the natural profit. Second, how to use the pyramid law to invest in gold The following are the same as the ” 1, the classification of the recommendations by investors: The following are the same as the ” For different conditions of investors we take the investment advice is also different, then we have the amount of money owned by investors to grading, roughly divided into three: A-10 million the following B-10 million to 500,000 C-50 or more Note: The above amount is 30% of the home idle funds) The following are the same as the ” 2, the distribution of gold prices area The following are the same as the ” According to historical data in recent years, single-year gold volatility is about 20% -40%, this year’s high and low range range fluctuation is about 41%, the highest 1032, the lowest 680, the middle price of 850 or so, according to this fluctuation We designed the dichotomy and the third division to divide the price area: The following are the same as the ” 1) Dichotomy: Dichotomy is the price is divided into two intervals, that is, 850 or more, and 850 below. The following are the same as the ” 2) three-point method:Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring three-point method is based on the existing price fluctuation range is divided into three intervals, that is, 850 below, 780 and below 850. The following are the same as the ” 3, how to use the dichotomy and three points on the A, B, C and customers Cartier love ring replica through the warehouse recommended? The following are the same as the ” 1) A-level customers: dichotomy The following are the same as the ” A-level customers due to the available funds are relatively limited, such as sub-Jiancang is slightly messy, if more than a different price Jiancang is the final average cost of Jiancao must say that the high is not high, that is not low, we can not achieve the results, Dichotomy is more appropriate, according to the pyramid Jiancang principle, the lower the price to buy more, the low risk of investment in the region to buy a large number of areas into the profit margin after the chip. Namely: 850% of the following regional investment, more than 850% of the region 40% The following are the same as the ” Reason: The following are the same as the ” Below 850 is the low risk value area, the lower the price the smaller the risk factor, because the gold production costs determine the price limit of gold, gold providers, basically not lower than the cost of its gold mining costs to sell Out of gold production. So, how much is the cost of gold production? The following are the same as the ” According to the 2008 statistics, HSBC Bank in New York metal analyst JamesSteel said the current basic production price of gold in 700 US dollars per ounce or so, and a well-known foreign investment bank called ADAIR managers said the marginal cost of rising, the current cost of gold Close to $ 800. That is, the production price of gold can not be expressed with an accurate figure, because different countries, different production units of their production costs will be different, we can only find the cost range, about 700-800 dollars, also That 850 below the provider no obvious profit at all, the following 700 investors may be less than the cost of mining gold investment products, so we judged to be low risk areas. The following are the same as the ” Operation Description: The following are the same as the ” The first step, according to the xafs price to determine what xafs is now in the region, such as the current xafs price of about 740 US dollars near the purchase amount should be about 60% or so, after the purchase hold, until the price rose above 850 Cheap Amulette de Cartier Ring after the basic Can confirm that gold has returned to the way up, and 60% of the bottom warehouse has been profitable for investors, the correct judgment and profit of the book will be the next step for investors to enter the second step to bring confidence. The following are the same as the ” The second step, an additional 40% of the remaining investment, fill the chips. At this point the xafs has been gradually out of the bottom of the xafs performance rose up or less, while the jiacang operation although the cost of a slight increase, but because of reasonable Cartier nail bracelet replica allocation of chips still makes the average cost is relatively low, more importantly, Proving the correctness of the following trends. The following are the same as the ” 2) B and C customers take a three-point method: The following are the same as the ” B and C-class customers due to more funds, it can be divided into three completed Jiancang, investors in the past to operate more to the top-heavy, low when the firm is not determined to buy a little bit exploratory, high after regret to buy cheap Was less, bullish Masukura, diluted and found that the low chips almost did not play any role in the typical inverted pyramid buying method. Operation Description: The following are the same as the ” First, we divide it into three regions: The following are the same as the ” 780 The following is the lower valuation area The following are the same as the ” 780-850 for a reasonable valuation area The following are the same as the ” 850 or more for the value of the region The following are the same as the ” We have just defined in the dichotomy method, according to the cost of production to define the gold, the operation is divided into three steps: (Here we use the hypothesis method) The following are the same as the ” The first step, if the price of gold at 850 yuan should be involved in the following 35% The following are Knockoff Trinity de Cartier Ring the same as the ” The second step: If you find it into the value of less than 780 underestimated the region for the opportunity to re-jiacang, should be added 45% of the cost of timely increase. The following are the same as the ” The third step: when the xafs rose to 850 or more with the dichotomy of the second step to fill the chips, holding up to rise. The following are the same as the ” Why in turn the first step of the dichotomy split into two steps? Because we found that the price of investment products tend to have these laws, most of the time they are running low in the area of reasonable valuation, but also in a short period of time, due to investors irrational investment, the xafs price will run in the low Under the reasonable area to form a low value of the region. The following are the same as the ” 3) how to do the scientific and rational rationality of the proportion of Jiancang? The following are the same as the ” In the Western investment community, there is a common formula for capital management as follows The following are the same as the ” F = ((K + 1) P-1)) / K The following are the same as the ” F – Configure the position ratio The following are the same as the ” P-Investor Profit Probability The following are the same as the ” K-odds, expected earnings / expected loss. The following are the same as the ” This formula is very Fake Cartier Ring famous, called Kelly formula. It is said that Buffett also use this formula to allocate funds. The following are the same as the ” Now, to households per household idle assets of 200,000 yuan in kind to invest in gold, to see how the allocation of funds. The following are the same as the ” Before the configuration, we have reason to determine the variables of the formula. The following are the same as the ” 1, odds The following are the same as the ” We calculate the profit and loss on the upper and lower rails of the current gold price trend in the Bollinger Bands (parameters: 50, 2.5). On the track: 961 US dollars / ounce, the next track: 671 US dollars / ounce. Gold is now priced at $ 735 / ounce, plus Knockoff Cartier Nail Ringcustomer purchase cost of 14 yuan / gram ($ 64 / ounce), then K = (961-733) / (733 +64-671) = 1.78 The following are the same as the ” 2, profit probability The following are the same as the ” Generally based on our experience, the price in the Bollinger Belt operating probability of more than 95%. For the sake of prudence, we assume that the customer is profitable with a probability of 60%. P = 60% The following are the same as the ” 3, the proportion of customers Jiancang


2.14 Marriage Do you know where the love ring is on it?

2.14 is the hearts of young people in the small Valentine’s Day, and in this day there will be many couples meet into the marriage hall. Before marriage, of course, to prepare some matters related to marriage, including the wedding scene with some of the details should also be taken into account. Such as the love ring in which hands. Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace 520 is coming, Xiaobian will analyze the love ring should be worn in which hands. love ring on the left hand Now the most common practice in the world is that both men and women should put the love ring on the left hand. This approach comes from a Western saying, because in the eyes of the ancient Westerners, the ring on the left hand can show God gave you the luck. And in ancient Rome, some believers believe that Christianity, the left hand on the vein is through the heart, the wedding when the couple put the ring on each other’s left hand, may also express the meaning of the two minds. There are still many young people in the, will follow the male left female right way to wear the love ring. The boys put the love ring on the left hand and the girls put the ring on the right hand. On the male left female right of the argument, and the Chinese male respect for the idea of ​​women, because the ancient Chinese left on behalf of the rights and status of high, while the right represents a low status. However, the ring on the right hand, do not meet people’s habits, but also to a certain extent, affect life and work. Therefore, many girls even in the scene to wear a ring around the hands, still in love after the love ring will be re-worn on the left hand, 2.14 wedding to buy what diamond ring for the upcoming May 20 wedding, the moment to buy a What kind of wedding ring, what is the most should be considered. So, what kind of wedding ring to buy it?Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace Now many young people, whether married or marry, like custom diamond ring. Cartier real name diamond ring is to become the hearts of some young people the most appropriate choice. Because is not only the global diamond ring real name custom founder, but also with real-name custom to meet the needs of young consumers and consumer attitudes, love ring worn on which hands, and no clear rules, but the current love ring Wearing the left hand, has become an internationally recognized practice, of course, the practice of male left female still in circulation in China. The beautiful wedding replica cartier necklace makes the bride pretty much Wedding necklace styles and prices are uneven. Choose what price of marriage depends on personal preferences and economic ability. Which is the most expensive diamond necklace, other materials such as platinum is not easy to fade most stable, and hardness, deformation, but the price is relatively expensive, the most nice choice, whether it is with clothing or other jewelry. K platinum, Pd Palladium is a good choice, as long as proper maintenance, these materials, like a diamond necklace to highlight your beautiful and elegance. If you decide to buy metal necklace material, price is mainly determined by the material. The other by the necklace of the process and brand value decision. While the online shopping is a better choice, like in the same style wedding dress necklace, just about half of the price you can buy your favorite. Marriage is the most important moment in a woman’s life, we strive for perfection, a beautiful wedding necklace bride considerably, but how to buy a wedding in line Cheap Van Cleef Clover Necklace with its own temperament necklace, many new headaches. We provide you with the marriage to buy what necklace and wedding necklace how much money for your reference, it is recommended according to your own actual situation, choose beautiful and affordable marriage. Where you can identify replica cartier bracelet diamonds Whether it is love or their own purchase, each girl should have a their own jewelry, but at the same time also worried that they will buy false diamonds, because some businesses in order to save costs and use of simulation diamond mosaic for sale, For example, some zircon, moxi stone and other products similar to the appearance of diamonds, resulting in many of the lack of discrimination on the diamond experience of the customer fooled. Where can the identification of diamonds? Under normal circumstances, diamond jewelry will have product identification book, we can get a certificate to a special quality inspection station for re-inspection inspection, such as product problems will be issued a product quality manual. If you want to check out too much trouble, Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Necklace to share two can be carried out at home can be a small test, 1. First prepared a 10 times the magnifying glass, because the diamonds are natural, can not guarantee flawless, 10 times magnifying glass to see whether the diamond inside Subtle flaws if it is artificial diamonds inside clean and flawless. 2. As we all know, the hardness of diamonds is nothing more than the high number of gemstones, the hardness level of 10, the normal surface is not scratched, if the goods are found after the surface is obvious, then it is necessary to think is not really drilled. We can go to cartier diamond official website of the jewelry classroom to learn more Where can identify the knowledge of diamonds, as long as the cartier to buy fake love bracelet cartier diamond jewelry almost all have a certificate to support re-inspection inspection, life-long free maintenance cleaning, renovation and polishing services, Can be cartier experience shop for sale, convenient and safe. Really a worthy brand.

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