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The biggest may be metal decorative street

Sophisticated design with hale metal joining, agitation may be the first step in this season is not to be missed. Decoration, whether it is wrapped around the ankles of metals or metal heel, waterproof table… Give your overall modelling a bonus. Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton is a large area of gold or silver metal is used to give the shoe fake cartier jewelry body strong sense of the future, like a knight’s shield sharp metal decoration can not help but reminiscent of the gorgeous competent legal beauty and the devil wears prada in charge of the fashion magazines. Alexander McQueen consulted Roman shoes classic bind process, smooth metal fusion T shoes with fashionable, asceticism and female charm organic fusion, solemn atmosphere. While the Balmain will be a pattern of fine metal decoration and ingenious fusion, serpentine shoe body complete obedience. This season is the most attractive type waist belt is naturally sculpture. Using geometric visual perception, to do the belt joint on both sides of the waist, geometric design, such not only can let the waist, also can make hip and waist the natural transition. Second, the metal belt also abound. Balmain is fierce metal whirlwind, from clothing to accessories, the whole is glittering; Gabrielle Colangelo metal belt and urban dust coat is the perfect combination; Givenchy like a big iron nail in the waist, to have the means of protection; Maison Martin Margiela extensive focus of copper light dark clothes. Obi is a shortcut to create bright spot. A.F.V andevorst is a combination of obi, Gianfranco Ferre the whole waist tightly, even if the dress is heavy. By contrast is a waist belt, waist Chloe contracted a brighten the whole temperament. From the material point of view, leather belt is eternal classic. This season, there are some changes from the shape. Derek Lam, Michael Kors is worth to collect. Cloth belt has the property of soft, comfortable, can transform. ETRO and hang down feeling clothes perfectly; Issa London make hale windbreaker amorous feelings. Has innovation system method, of van cleef arpels replica jewelry the three same L.A.M.B. belts in different body positions at the same time, effectively adjust the proportions of, have no sense of bondage. Reed Krakoff will belts, straps, wallet series together, all show along with the gender. With the waist increase the color level is a good Idea, Vivienne Westwood, Zero Maria Cornejo, this method is used in Lacoste. Body – Con is a big trend, 09 of qiu dong is “Body conscious” shorthand, literal translation is “Body consciousness”. We can understand through contrast, big clothing is usually very comfortable wearing Eric, we often forget about their own bodies; On the other hand, tight bind the clothes of the body, or even every breath will cost a little more force, nature will also be always aware of their body. And super tight short dress is the most typical examples of the Body – Con, feel free to show her curves and skin, aware of their Body as well as the proud of. Herve st. Leger of tight short dress tide, its close-fitting bundled clipping design make the name of “bandage dress”, and many customers but also to the trend of celebrity brand by extension, hit by “gossip girl” Blake Lively is Herve st. Leger of one of the fans. Balmain tight short dress is not just a sexy, more with the rock star of the gorgeous and elan. Rodarte tend to be the theme of the skin texture and binding, as if hard cocoon shell in the body. The miniskirt not only occupied the young up-and-comers T stage, also gradually by many classic brand to absorb to come in, as Emanuel Ungaro is an important step in the younger process, also in the famously luxurious elegant Elie Saab occupied a place in the queue. Tight and exposure seems to have deterred many women, but it’s tight short dress design and tailoring are as far as possible to modify the curve, body no big problem of women can give it a try. The shelves of many high street brands can find similar style, such as black, navy blue and usually dark, is due to the effect of cultivate one’s morality good xafs potential is tremendous. This season, whether it’s stars or hipsters street snap, nine times out of ten wear leather, hermes jewelry replica motorcycle jacket, in particular, has become almost fashionable uniforms, a hand. Leather coat is warm and handsome, natural is one of the best choice for autumn winter season, VOGUE recommend the 20 big fur clothing in the quarter, not only including motorcycle jacket (but not including the kind of motorcycle jacket too), and trench coats and all kinds of leather jacket, absolute open your eyes. Leather model basically conform to the trend of the season, emphasize the shoulder outline, the most typical is the desirable shoulder Balmain jacket, the most extreme is Julien Macdonald shoulder decorated with pointed mirror pieces of leather jackets. Popular metal rock style is most obvious in the motorcycle jacket, Balmain, Acne, metallic leather zipper, Yves Saint Laurent round head rivet, each brand has its own characteristics. Rock trend is strong, but there are classical elegant leather design, such as Burberry Prorsum beige leather trench coat and villi of leather cardigan jacket, and Fendi golden leather with short sleeves, are all the wonderful ladies of the election. Fur clothing this season also has a feature is the change of material and combination, is no longer a simple light shone, and chamois leather, crocodile skin, fur, one of the sheep sheared material, etc. Rick Owens and Julien Macdonald will leather and knit together, more convenient elbow activity; Alexander Wang to replace jeans with leather sleeves, made in the design of big star ring heat; Donna Karan fur collar for knitted fabric, make wearing more comfortable. Rock, metal, rivets, locomotive – perhaps you’ve heard of this one season too many similar words, but this is reality, metal breath is ubiquitous, pervasive. But 09 rock is not a few individual molecules of qiu dong’s exclusive, no matter you advocate the 18k gold cartier jewelry replica sale style is elegant, fashionable, handsome and interesting, this season trend of rock can meet the requirements of you. Rock and roll style deserve to act the role of recognition degree is quite high, black, leather, rivets, zippers, metal chain, skull or skeleton – contains one or several basic elements can judge is rock style sheet is tasted. But this does not mean that the design task will be very simple, in numerous common reflect personality just need to think more. So there will be a interesting version of the Alexander McQueen rock, Alexander Wang avant-garde version of rock and roll and the nobility of Bottega Veneta version of rock and roll. We say 09 rock metal trend of qiu dong is suitable for the public, another perspective is that all the brands from their positioning to joint rock trend. Prada has luxuriant personality rivet shoes; Gucci play gorgeous rock alley, rainbow light metallic leather intoxicating; Bottega Veneta signature on the skin of the weaving handbag is littered with metallic square sequins, low, close to the rock; The Christian Louboutin shoes is full of sharp rivet, way of doing extreme but you’ll never forget. Metal style jewelry to van cleef arpels jewellery UKjewelry is more interesting than others. Pointed, skeletons, skeletal, hook, chain, all is to make people see the bad elements, so I will be in the mental model. And didn’t sound so serious, of course, the designer to repair quite tasteful, those elements such as Alexander McQueen spork earrings are very cute, Oscar DE la Renta gorgeous necklace can match gown.

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