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Revealing The Secret Of Layering With These Two Light-Weighted

With almost every trend coming to an exhaustion, it is layering that has kept its promise. Women have been Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Rings layering their clothes and jewels from time immemorial. Don’t tell us you’ve never tried this trend before. No? Well, let  simple layered chains come to your rescue. The designs have been crafted keeping in mind those who don’t prefer their style loud and heavy.   Check out how our thin silver chains decorated with colored stones are forming these simple yet stunning neck-pieces. With this modified style, you are now not required to wear two-three jewels to form the layers.  Jewelry for me is among the top 5 of my favourite accessories, apart from bags, shoes, belts and watches! I think it stems from memories of watching my mom wearing her pearl bangles at get-togethers, to one of my sister’s obsession for artificial and junk jewelry during her college days and another one’s taste in royal jewelry. I developed my love for jewelry during college and if there is one kind of jewelry for me that is timeless, it’s silver. It can never go out of style, plus, I love the way it gives a rustic yet elegant feel and you don’t always have to pair it with Indian wear only. There are so many ways you can team up Silver jewelry. One of my favourite ways is to opt for a black crop top and a checked flowy skirt with dangling silver filigree earrings from Indiavaale. Another one of my favourites ways to style using silver jewelry, a crisp white chicken kurta with straight black pants and Indiavaale Silver Filigree Bangles. Here are a few of my takes on how to style and pair different pieces of jewelry with outfits: Mix and Match It’s not necessary to Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Ring match the colours of your outfit with the jewelry all the time, for e.g.; if you’re wearing a bright Blue Kurti, pair it with silver jhumkis and don’t forget those kohl filled eyes for a maximum effect. If you’re carrying a sporty look, opt for a mix of black armbands with light silver charm bracelets. Body Structure Many people think that any earring or necklace will suit all body types, but that’s not true. Figure out which part of your face and neck is the focus point and aim at accentuating that. Make sure you balance your earrings or neckpieces based on the shape of your face. For e.g.; if your face has a strong jaw line, consider wearing silver hoops. People with more weight around the neck must team up fall/or dangling earrings to make their face appear slimmer. Skin tone Just like choosing the right shade of lipstick or foundation, one must choose the right colour/tone in jewelry too. It’s also good to keep in mind the colour of your hair. For e.g.; if your hair is a light brown or has light highlights, opt for deep maroons and turquoise gem jewelry. However, if you have dark brown or black hair with no highlights, opt for dull gold and silver.  Add value Remember, you don’t have to accessorize every outfit with jewelry to make yourself stand out. For e.g.; if you’re heading out for a team dinner, wear a smart jacket over a white shirt and blue denims and wear just midi rings on your fingers. If you’re wearing a short dress, opt for bold solid colour rings or a silver cocktail ring. Lastly, Trust your instinct and develop your own style statement.  Just because it is in fashion doesn't mean you have to follow it.  Special Edition of Garnet Jewelry – The January Birthstone Garnet is the birthstone for January and signifies eternal friendship and trust for a friend. The gemstone is also given on the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries. The name Garnet derived from the Greek word “granatum,” meaning “pomegranate seed.”  References to the gemstone dates back to 3100 B.C., when the Egyptians used garnets as inlays jewelry.  Properties of Garnet Jewelry  Garnet is a ‘hot’ stone meaning it has strong fiery energy, and the elemental effect is that of fiery fire. Three reasons to use garnet jewelry:  Garnets also Cheap Van Cleef Clover Ring have restorative properties which are useful for healing chemical toxicity as well as stimulating the circulatory system. And the more mature user of garnet jewelry might find relief for arthritic pain or muscle pain due to its warming nature.  Types of Garnet  Garnet is a gem group that occurs in over twenty varieties. Of these varieties, six main types are used as gems. These are pyrope, almandite, spessartite, grossularite, andradite and uvarovite.  Treatment and Enhancements  Garnet gemstones are not enhanced, and their colors are always natural. Treatments such as heat treatment and irradiation have proved ineffective upon the Garnet gemstones. Several synthetic Garnets are simulants of other gemstones.   Some Facts About Garnet Jewelry  When you picture a garnet, you probably envision a dark red gemstone. However, this January’s birthstone can actually be found in a variety of different colors. In fact, it exists in many colors, such as black, green, or even colorless. Although garnet is known for its rich, fiery red color, it comes in a rainbow Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring of colors. However, red garnet is the most popular color for the gemstone.  Gemstones are all mined underground, but garnets are not! It is surprising to note that garnets are found as small pebbles in streams. So, when the metamorphic rocks which contain them weather away, these pebbles come to fore. Garnets are found in Australia, the Americas and India.  Garnets were once worn by ancient warriors who believed the gemstone would bring them victory. Warriors in Asian territories believed that glowing garnets, which could be used as bullets, inflicted more severe wounds.   In Medieval times, garnets were thought to protect its wearer against poisons, wounds and Replica Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring bad dreams, as well as cure depression. Red garnets in particular relieved fever, hemorrhages and inflammatory diseases.  If you have someone in your life who has a birthday this month, a garnet ring, pendant, cufflinks, or pair of earrings is a wonderful idea that they will love to show off. Or pick out your favorite and wear it yourself!  We at MySolitare believe January babies have one of the best birthstones of all. Who wouldn’t be lucky when their birthstone grants peace, prosperity and good health on its wearer. 

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