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Engagement Season: Best New

The Hollywood red carpet did not disappoint last night. There were a number of hot trends and plenty of old tinsel town glam to satisfy the fashion police. Here are our predictions on how the Oscars will influence jewelry design this year. Drop Earrings Teardrop statement earrings are building steam as the top jewelry accessory this year. Notable large drops appeared on several stars including Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Kelly Rowland replica cartier bracelet and Amy Adams. Jennifer Hudson rocked a particularly striking pair of Sutra earrings. This trend is already widespread in the marketplace with teardrop shaped link dangles, puff tears and bezeled teardrop stones. Bringing Sexy Back Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence were the evening’s two belles of the ball and both chose backwards necklaces. Anne Hathaway wore a diamond choker with a tantalizing dangle between her shoulder blades. Jennifer Lawrence chose a plunging delicate chain.  Both looks had everyone talking. This trend can also be interpreted with back tassels or simple chain extenders. The hair-dos were tame but the dresses were a frenzy of textures and effects this year. Rivets, appliques, lace, tulle, sequins and metallics brought plenty of va-va-voom to the event. Simple monotone colors or metallics were the norm but designers added interest with a variety of embellished textiles. This trend has been going stron for several years in the jewelry world with an emphasis on unique finishes and texturized touches. Layer contrasting effects for the most striking results. Pastels & Navy The top color standout at the Oscars was midnight or navy blue. The classic hue is flattering and elegant. The prevalence of navy is likely to further drive sales of Lapis, sapphire and other blue gems. Feminine pastels were also popular. Pale palettes pair best with perennial crystal and diamond baubles. Joana Miranda Studio: Talent To Spare Joana Miranda brings a fascinating background to the bench as a jewelry artist. Born in Portugal, Miranda fake cartier bracelet was a professional violinist and violist before turning her attention to jewelry. She is also an accomplished writer through her popular blog on the. Joana Miranda Studio pieces feature classic metalsmithing motifs with contemporary twists such as the frequent use of rubber accents.  Miranda is a prolific artist with many talents.  Her blog and website are full of sketches and inspirational ides alongside finished pieces. She has won numerous awards for her work including multiple honors from both the Gemological Institute of America and the Women’s Jewelry Association. She was a 2010 finalist in The Halstead Grant, an annual competition for new jewelry design entrepreneurs. Joana Miranda Studio collections are available for sale online at Retail prices range from $35 to $250 for most of her Argentium sterling silver pendants and earrings. She also does a great deal of custom work such as the piece shown above. Sticky Sweet And Sparkling Tiffany Kunz Design Diamonds used to be called ice. Thanks to emerging artists like they may be picking up a new moniker. The clusters of glowing, earth-tone, rough diamonds that Kunz uses as her signature in the new Concord Collection are more like dripping golden honey. She even offers a suite within the collection entitled “In Clover.” In Clover Suite embodies the best of Kunz’s designer jewelry: hand hammered eco-friendly metals, crystalline bunches of glittering diamonds and open organic forms. cheap cartier bracelet The Concord Collection website is reminiscent of a buzzing hive full of honeycomb. And the buzz, buzz, buzzing has already begun. Tiffany Kunz Design is attracting a wave of attention from blogs and magazines. Tiffany Kunz Design is available at several high end boutiques in the Los Angeles area as well as online at Most pieces are available in sterling silver or vermeil of yellow, pink or white gold. Retail prices range from $60 – $625. Santa baby, bring me some honey this year. Tiffany Kunz Design was a finalist in our 2010 Halstead Grant competition for emerging jewelry designers. Lisa Robin Jewelry For Classy Ladies is a new design house out of Dayton, OH. Owner and designer Lisa Adkinson has been a finalist in our grant competition for two years in a row. Her work features heavy cast silver components in styles. In my opinion, this line is ideally suited for the professional woman’s wardrobe. The pieces are classy and powerful without loosing their feminine style. The line is also quite versatile since many pieces are interchangeable or reversible. Lisa’s work is available in fine jewelry stores and galleries throughout Ohio and the Southern United States. Jewelry Market The debate continues. Is the recession over? Is the “double dip” coming next? Are we in recovery, and if so, will we ever return to the market climate of 2007? Many questions still loom; however, one thing is certain: the jewelry market may never be the same again. The fierce struggle for survival and dominance during this extended economic decline has permanently altered the jewelry scene. Fine jewelry retailers who once scoffed at selling silver or price points below $250 in their shops are now moving into entirely different market segments. This shift is unlikely to reverse when the knockoff cartier bracelet 18k gold economy if fully healed. Due to high metals markets and the recession, fine jewelers followed the money last Christmas and heavily stocked  sterling lines like Pandora beads. This dramatic move has opened a window of opportunity for many bridge jewelry designers. Retailers who started with mass produced lines are finding that they can indeed sell lower price point jewelry to their market of “fine jewelry” consumers. Art jewelry in a wider range of metals is popping up in display cases that once only held platinum and solid gold. Buyers are seeing the value in fine design instead of just traditional materials. Over time this change should greatly benefit jewelry artisans. The handmade movement was picking up considerable momentum prior to the recession and it stands a good chance of thriving in the post-recovery era. Craft jewelers who aggressively pursue new sales venues may find a more receptive audience than in the past. This also presents an interesting challenge to boutique jewelers and American craft galleries that have carved out a niche in bridge jewelry over the last decade. Fine jewelers are now moving in on the turf they have spent years cultivating. Both groups will need to examine their respective strategies and brand identities in order to excel in the new business climate. This environment may very well create a renaissance period in jewelry. The broader range of metals and design styles in the market give jewelers a new level of creative freedom. The increase in sales venues should also increase resale opportunities. I am excited to see how that will impact the industry and break down the segment barriers we have always known. Copyright 2010. Halstead Bead, Inc., wholesale jewelry supplies since 1973. Please feel free to share or re-post this blog with proper credit. We also welcome your comments.

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