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Had a lot of money in front of a restaurant. I did not look for the

Had a lot of money in front of a restaurant. I did not look for the restaurant, that would be in Paris, another corner of unknown. The results came to the holiday square, only to find that it is in the square on the other side. The original big earth, he had not ran out of this small square. In the movie, 18k Gold Cheap Cartier Ring the first letter of the bakery on the square side of the signboard B was charred, and perhaps how much this also confirmed the director’s implied nineteen area of insecurity. Nowadays, the charred B, along with some other letters, has fallen off, and the scorched traces are unrecognizable. Time to erase everything, as if nothing happened here. The girl promised the man a cup of coffee with the request, but when others bought coffee, looking at the fainting of the past man was carried to the car, alone carrying two cups of coffee in place for a long time. People say that the black area of Paris is messy. Does the director want to tell people that they also have ordinary , I do not know. Just, never had any prejudice against the blacks of Paris. Sometimes they even more than the locals give you more trivial help with warmth. Nine areas: Pigalle (Pigalle) Written and directed by Richard LaGravenese; Fanny Ardant (Fanny) Bob Hoskins (Bob) American director Richard LaGravenese works “The Horse Whisperer” (1998), “The Bridges of Madison County” (1995), and “The Fisher King” (1991). British actor Bob Hoskins Cartier Ring Replica performed a number of masterpieces, and I was most impressed by him in 1999 by Atom Egoyan Ai Tomi Young’s “Felicia’s Journey”. The film before the cut into the lens of the center of the Picard Plaza, sideways, photographed the square center Folie’s Pigalle shop recruit neon, photographed boulevard de Clichy on the three street nightclub facade, photographed rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle street The One by one to find, find the only traces left in the years, that is, more or less can not light up the neon tube. The hero Bob entered the nightclub called “Le 31” at rue Victor Massé. He and his wife’s Fanny in the bar greeting a few words, then walked into the room, began a possible “business Fanny then came in and whispered it all, and Bob angrily dropped it: “Sex is not disgusting unless you make it sick. This place can also have beauty. “We do not understand which of the couples played here, perhaps, their life lacks a feeling, so to find. The two out of the nightclub, Fanny in front of rue Chaptal on the romantic life museum (Musée de la Vie Romantique) before the  footsteps, asked: “out of love, how would you?” “I will hurt, for our former “He replied. At the door, Fanny picked up the missing key, and her favorite song sounded in the ear, and the band sang at the door: “Kiss me each morning for a million years. He gave her a surprise. “But we do not have a million years, no one,” she said. A bowl of raw rice, half a pack of Italian macaroni, one-third of a bag of mustard A bowl of raw rice, half a pack of Italian macaroni, one-third of a bag of mustard, salt, salad oil; sugar baked when the cake ran out, or you can drink red sugar; eggs, bread, milk are gone. The fifth day, the silence of the five-day door was finally sounded. It was the thin friend who reminded me. See me thin lap, pay great  attention to me, that I am now a kind of moving morbid charm, put on the waist of the Chinese cheongsam took to the streets, keep the rate of a certain high. I want to laugh, but have no strength. Finally, she said at night with a French newspaper a pair of editors and couples to eat, I hope I go, maybe in the newspaper to find a part-time. I agree. I thought that the French invited her to dinner, must be a big meal, so the pants to tight inside the two eyes. Decided to eat at lunchtime At noon to eat, from my last meal has been a full 16 hours. I used the cheongsam to whisper the French couple to say hello. And the ritual of the meal has made my hungry stomach more uncomfortable. If the food is not completely swallowed, do not speak; something is not a word, and you can not talk about it. Stuttering, to be neat, do not devour … … I heard that I lose weight,Fake Cartier Ring the French couple immediately praised that weight loss is conducive to health, easy to longevity, but also help to find a good job, and finally put the weight loss and environmental protection linked  together. I have no strength and they discuss weight loss, just smiled and nodded. In order to meet me, the couple for me vegetables, steak, seafood do not mention, wasted my enthusiasm. In the dim candle, we first drink aperitif. Two cups of wine down, my hungry roar of the stomach immediately burned up. The first dish of today is the cabbage salad. A piece of bread is served in the fine silver plate. A drop of oil is gone, I’m going to cry. But I still wiped it into the stomach. See me eat fast, the French couple happy to have a plate! I have not had time to stop, the second dish of salad has served the table. Do not know how to get through this lunch, walk from the restaurant, my cheongsam floating in the cold wind, waist and thin lap, I constantly warned myself: “insist, adhere to. But still fainted. When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital with glucose. Friends stood aside, smiled and said: “Congratulations, you have 95 pounds, and make persistent efforts to reach 90 pounds, is the devil figure. I said weakly: “go to the fucking devil figure, I do not lose weight. Is not living in the old society, in the capitalist society, I just want to gain weight! Valentine ‘s Day gift to send what XX Valentine’ s Day gift recommended Cartier enjoy Paris romantic Valentine ‘s Day gift to send what XX Valentine’ s Day gift recommended What is the true meaning of love? Let Cartier tell you. In this Valentine’s Day of the moment, Cartier will be the romantic capital of Paris lovers  whisper, attracted smelt in pieces works, to tell you the true love of great. Whether it is to talk true love series, three-color tranquility trinity three-color gold series of jewelry, or full of fantastic blue balloon series, masculine smart card calendar Bo series of watches, will be turned into love token, engraved belong to you and his eternal classic. With simple and neat tricyclic arc lines, contains deep friendship trinity three-color gold ring and earrings, such as the screen in the Champs Elysees on the magnificent rainbow, the interpretation of the ultimate tenderness of women. In this Valentine’s Day to wear them, staged their own sweet love it Double ring long lasting series of bracelets, double ring buckle, worn in the wrist, as if walking and love walking along the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower reflection and flocks of wild wild goose side by side, each other’s deep love and warmth in the hands of Shuanghuan. Black high-tech precision ceramics and shiny rose k gold clever fusion, shiny echo and light and dark contrast, even more men’s calm and elegant. Plum red goat fur wrist is painted a touch of bright color, for the love life to add a few touching fun. In my jewelry box, there is a petal shape of the gold jewelry necklace, which is received a few years ago Valentine’s Day gift. The beginning of the total wearing it, and later, and send the relationship between the chain from the passion to love Cartier Ring Knockoff each other, this necklace from my neck gradually fade out. But whenever I open the jewelry box to see it, always Dunsheng soft affair, not by think of him in front of the counter carefully consider the way, and candle light clumsy necklace hanging in my neck scene. When moving, moving still in. A necklace, because the vow of love and good memories, has long been not just decorative things, but a permanent testimony: was loved, really happy! Valentine ‘s Day this year, let us look forward to a permanent and meaningful gift of a romantic gift, a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace … … Swarovski flashes dreamy colors Valentine ‘s Day gift to send what XX Valentine’ s Day gift recommended This year Valentine’s Day, XX Swarovski Valentine’s Day series is worth looking forward to. Jewelry with a variety of intoxicating techniques, interpretation of the dream of love color. In addition to jewelry, but also bring joy, tell the tenderness of love accessories and statues. Colorful and lively trip works, unique heart-shaped design, season into the brand’s unique crystal cutting, showing the fashion trend close to the trend. There are two sizes of “loveheart”, with irregular lines, hollow shape and feast for the eyes of purple, lavender and light pink crystal features; and dazzling “nectar” pendant, with a smaller heart Shaped design with a beautiful imitation crystal color. Monochrome “nostalgia” heart-shaped pendant, the whole decorated with a pavé inlay crystal, open after you can put photos or messages. The stunning “nation” pendant is made up of three heart-shaped patterns decorated with pavé-like crystals. This pendant is decorated with transparent crystal, the other side is set with black imitation crystal, easy to match your different style dress. Heart is also the focus of the concept of accessories. Blooming the ultimate glory, the form of slender “heart” key ring, the use of new technology in the resin glass inlaid with exquisite and fine imitation of crystal stone, and provide pure black and pure white two color models. Delightful, funny “erika” and “eliot”, the embodiment of full of vitality, decorated with imitation crystal beads mobile phone accessories, coupled with red or black vinyl resin, for the works into modern charm. In the same way, “ladybird”, which is bright red, will have alcantara with peach skin velvet texture, and clever combination with rich and rich vinyl resin. This set of  cut crystal pink heart-shaped key chain, is a fine beautiful love gift.

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