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2.14 Marriage Do you know where the love ring is on it?

2.14 is the hearts of young people in the small Valentine’s Day, and in this day there will be many couples meet into the marriage hall. Before marriage, of course, to prepare some matters related to marriage, including the wedding scene with some of the details should also be taken into account. Such as the love ring in which hands. Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace 520 is coming, Xiaobian will analyze the love ring should be worn in which hands. love ring on the left hand Now the most common practice in the world is that both men and women should put the love ring on the left hand. This approach comes from a Western saying, because in the eyes of the ancient Westerners, the ring on the left hand can show God gave you the luck. And in ancient Rome, some believers believe that Christianity, the left hand on the vein is through the heart, the wedding when the couple put the ring on each other’s left hand, may also express the meaning of the two minds. There are still many young people in the, will follow the male left female right way to wear the love ring. The boys put the love ring on the left hand and the girls put the ring on the right hand. On the male left female right of the argument, and the Chinese male respect for the idea of ​​women, because the ancient Chinese left on behalf of the rights and status of high, while the right represents a low status. However, the ring on the right hand, do not meet people’s habits, but also to a certain extent, affect life and work. Therefore, many girls even in the scene to wear a ring around the hands, still in love after the love ring will be re-worn on the left hand, 2.14 wedding to buy what diamond ring for the upcoming May 20 wedding, the moment to buy a What kind of wedding ring, what is the most should be considered. So, what kind of wedding ring to buy it?Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace Now many young people, whether married or marry, like custom diamond ring. Cartier real name diamond ring is to become the hearts of some young people the most appropriate choice. Because is not only the global diamond ring real name custom founder, but also with real-name custom to meet the needs of young consumers and consumer attitudes, love ring worn on which hands, and no clear rules, but the current love ring Wearing the left hand, has become an internationally recognized practice, of course, the practice of male left female still in circulation in China. The beautiful wedding replica cartier necklace makes the bride pretty much Wedding necklace styles and prices are uneven. Choose what price of marriage depends on personal preferences and economic ability. Which is the most expensive diamond necklace, other materials such as platinum is not easy to fade most stable, and hardness, deformation, but the price is relatively expensive, the most nice choice, whether it is with clothing or other jewelry. K platinum, Pd Palladium is a good choice, as long as proper maintenance, these materials, like a diamond necklace to highlight your beautiful and elegance. If you decide to buy metal necklace material, price is mainly determined by the material. The other by the necklace of the process and brand value decision. While the online shopping is a better choice, like in the same style wedding dress necklace, just about half of the price you can buy your favorite. Marriage is the most important moment in a woman’s life, we strive for perfection, a beautiful wedding necklace bride considerably, but how to buy a wedding in line Cheap Van Cleef Clover Necklace with its own temperament necklace, many new headaches. We provide you with the marriage to buy what necklace and wedding necklace how much money for your reference, it is recommended according to your own actual situation, choose beautiful and affordable marriage. Where you can identify replica cartier bracelet diamonds Whether it is love or their own purchase, each girl should have a their own jewelry, but at the same time also worried that they will buy false diamonds, because some businesses in order to save costs and use of simulation diamond mosaic for sale, For example, some zircon, moxi stone and other products similar to the appearance of diamonds, resulting in many of the lack of discrimination on the diamond experience of the customer fooled. Where can the identification of diamonds? Under normal circumstances, diamond jewelry will have product identification book, we can get a certificate to a special quality inspection station for re-inspection inspection, such as product problems will be issued a product quality manual. If you want to check out too much trouble, Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Necklace to share two can be carried out at home can be a small test, 1. First prepared a 10 times the magnifying glass, because the diamonds are natural, can not guarantee flawless, 10 times magnifying glass to see whether the diamond inside Subtle flaws if it is artificial diamonds inside clean and flawless. 2. As we all know, the hardness of diamonds is nothing more than the high number of gemstones, the hardness level of 10, the normal surface is not scratched, if the goods are found after the surface is obvious, then it is necessary to think is not really drilled. We can go to cartier diamond official website of the jewelry classroom to learn more Where can identify the knowledge of diamonds, as long as the cartier to buy fake love bracelet cartier diamond jewelry almost all have a certificate to support re-inspection inspection, life-long free maintenance cleaning, renovation and polishing services, Can be cartier experience shop for sale, convenient and safe. Really a worthy brand.

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